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Instead of color coding the links of items I will be color coding the text of the entries according to the content.

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Hunting for the best freebies, group gifts, lucky chairs and hunt items.It is called the Beach Runner Outfit and would look just as great on a morning run by the ocean as it does in the gym.Second Life Freebies, Second Life Group Gift, Second Life Promotion, Second Life Hunts, SL Freebies, Second Life Events, Teleport Hub.

The FHH Avila Shirt is the For Him Hunt gift from Horr Menswear.One of the reasons i love sl hunts is the out of the way stores i run across, stores i would never...

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All syndicated blogs are written by residents and feature SL-related content.A purple text body will indicate a post in the lifestyle category, one of the two new additions to This Scavenging Life along with added gacha content.

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The board does require you to be in their free group to tap it, you can find the group joiner at the teleport landing point.Riler University, it turns out, has temporarily shuttered its windows I am sad to announce.Devoted to the hunters, bargain seekers and the new residents of Second Life, for well over a day now and counting.One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the.

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I would regale you with the story of how, when I was a new resident over seven years ago, I relied on Fab Free to find great items to pick up, how I would eventually come to idolize Love to an embarrassing extent, how I revered Carson when he was a male blogger here, and how much I wanted to emulate them both.Working for them had always been a dream of mine and the experience has been a great one for me.Also on the For Him Hunt is the Enoch Shirt in Royale from Vengeful Threads.

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A blog designed for those looking to find good freebies, or close to free items, bargains, and awsome deals, in the Virtual World of SECOND LIFE.To those members who are scared of unreal shapes. i have a SL-Blog.

Freebies and gifts in Second Life. SL Virtual Vagabond. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Whatever my lives have in store for me, it is time for me to start moving forward again and I would hope many who read this enjoy This Scavenging Life in the coming months as I rediscover my pride and joy.

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Included in the 13L box are two skin tones (Cotton and Taupe) with three variations of facial hair for each.Second life hunts and freebies cheat sheets for my fellow sl freebie hunters.

Although it does bear a good amount of logo-ing on its texture, it is a very well made Mesh robe.It is about time This Scavenging Life caught up to me as a person and as an avatar.

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So take a few minutes from the other hunt and visit these stores if you like, at 1L per prize they are incredible bargains.

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I would like to apologize to everyone for allowing This Scavenging Life to go neglected while I have been blogging for Fab Free.

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The soft folds of the material as it is draped over my body look amazingly real.This gift is bursting with goodies and a bargain at only 13L.

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In the end, that is what we do here at Fab Free, and that what all of us at here have in common.Another favorite item I picked up from the For Him Hunt was from Barefoot Apparel.

The last few years of my SL have been my best, most satisfying ever.Today was the second day Tomas has been the featured prize on the fantastic Midnight Mania board over at the main store of Tellaq Avatars and again it locked down.I expect it to be active again in a matter of days and hope that I have been missed here, although I also hope many of you read my entries on Fab Free.

The Boom Boom Pow hunt ends on the 31st of July, and this gift will set you back 1L.Suitable for making coffee to drink in a sunlit breakfast nook, or perhaps to wear while binge watching The Walking Dead in the flickering light of the living room TV, a good robe can be very versatile indeed.The top resource on the web to download high quality, free PSD design resources for your web and print projects.The blog entries on This Scavenging Life, will be color coded as follows.The celebration is now in full swing and all male avies who have not yet joined 7DS should consider doing so right away, as their group join is on sale for only 13L right now.

The new TSL will, as it always had serve the residents of Second Life as a resource for freebies and bargains. - A fashion and lifestyle blog about

With great sadness I have parted ways with Fab Free effective yesterday in order to pursue other interests.Congratulations to them for reaching their third Anniversary on Second Life.I had not planned this but life is full of twists and turns, even a Second Life.

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What I like most about it is the simple, masculine shape of the shirt (no lace, ruffles or excessive folds).If you see any new male residents around this is definitely a massive upgrade for them, and as for us long time residents, it looks pretty great for us too.The thoughts, opinions and bizarre rants do not reflect those of the models pictured, the creators of the items highlighted, the store owners mentioned, Linden Labs or any actual living human beings.

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Whether you want to look good hanging out on the corner talking smack to your friends, playing a quick pick up game of basketball, or have an interesting idea for a role play in mind, these items should come in quite handy.Now, I have moved on to another of my all time favorite Second Life Institutions, Menstuff.A beige text body will be reserved for entries regarding the blog and the wise words coming directly from our beloved blogmonkey.

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It has a great, laid back Goth feel, and looks dead sexy on us guys.Time has gone by, and like most of the others who have settled into a comfortable SL existence, I have grown out of doing that. Mostly. Okay, I am still a Second Life hoarder.